Monday, May 13, 2013

Would you help us grow our classroom library?

If I wasn't an English teacher, I think I would probably read just as much - if not more - than I do now. I think I would still read YA and middle grade fiction,'s just good stuff!

However, the real reason behind this blog and all of the books it reviews is my STUDENTS. I read for them, to be able to put good books in their hands. Many of them come from homes in which reading is not important and, in 7th grade, have not yet read a book they truly enjoy. If you are anything like me, this makes you sad. Really, really sad.

So, I read. And I recommend. And I hope that this will be the year they find a book that they just can't put down.

I buy all of my books with my own money, and they reside happily in my classroom for my students' perusal. If you ever feel inclined to help grow our classroom library and provide more opportunities for my students to get their hands on great books, please click this link: 

Know that by doing so, you will be making a seventh grader's day (as well as mine). We will be forever grateful, and if you include a name and/or address, we'll send you a thank you and feature your donation on this blog and our school's page.


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