Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Champion, by Marie Lu

I can't believe the Legend series is over! I've had a love-hate relationship with this series; didn't really like the first book, Legend, but loved Prodigy. Champion did not disappoint and had plenty of plot twists, which I've come to expect from Lu.

The last book in the trilogy finds June and Day in the midst of an attempt by the Colonies to overthrow the Republic. The plague that began in the Republic has spread to the Colonies and they're seeking revenge. The Colonies say that the only way they'll back down is if they're given a cure for the plague - this knowledge lies in Day's brother, Eden, who's been infected with the plague. But Day is hesitant to let the Republic experiment with his brother any more June realizes that things in the Republic are not as easy as they may have seemed, and she and Anden (the Elector) travel to Antarctica in hopes of garnering their support. While there, she realizes just how far behind the Republic is. In Antarctica, all people have virtual chips that record how many 'points' they have and what 'level' they're on. You can gain points by doing nice things for people, and lose points when you break a rule. Points and levels determine what sort of job you wind up with. Anyway, the Republic is ultimately able to save itself, but not in the way I'd imagined. The journey is action-packed and kept me on my toes!

Champion was an excellent end to the series! Sometimes I feel like final books leave too many loose ends untied, or just don't give closure, but Champion certainly did all of that. I can't wait to see what's next from Marie Lu.

Overall, Champion seemed a little more YA than the other books in the series - a little more risque. There's a scene in which June and Day are intimate, which I wasn't really expecting. It wasn't a big deal though, I think kids would probably just glide over it without thinking anything of it.

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