Monday, March 31, 2014

This is What Happy Looks Like, by Jennifer E. Smith

This is What Happy Looks Like follows the unfolding love story of two teenagers, Ellie and Graham. Their story is atypical though, because it begins accidentally when Graham sends an email to the wrong person. Ellie is the unintended received, and they strike up a conversation. They don't know anything about each other really, but before long feel more connected to each other than they do to anyone else. 

Given that Graham's an up-and-coming movie star, it's no surprise that he bites at the chance to film his next big job in Ellie's hometown in Maine. The problem is that Ellie has no idea the guy she's been spilling her guts to is THE Graham Larkin. On top of that, while Ellie's been more honest with Graham than she has been with anyone else, there's still a part of her past that she hasn't shared with anyone. It involves her father, and it makes a relationship with a high-profile movie star essentially impossible. 

Just like I loved The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, I also love This is What Happy Looks Like because of Smith's witty writing and lovable characters. I can't wait to recommend this book to my female students, especially those who have read all of Sarah Dessen's books and are ready to branch out. 

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