Thursday, March 15, 2012

Picture the Dead, Adele Green and Lisa Brown

I picked up this book at the book fair because it looked really interesting to me - I loved the picture on the cover! It's an illustrated novel, with pages from one of the character's scrapbooks included throughout. That's the biggest frustration I had with the book, though...the pages from the scrapbook were sometimes really hard to read!

The novel is set in Civil War Massachusetts, and the main character is a girl named Jennie Lovell. Poor Jennie is an orphan, living with her aunt and uncle while her cousins (she's engaged to one of them) are fighting in the war.

One of the cousins - Quinn - returns and reports that his brother, Will (Jennie's fiance), has died in battle. But Jennie can feel Will's ghost around her and she knows that something isn't right. The family feels his presence and needs closure as well. They visit a photographer named Mr. Geist, a "medium," who says he can capture ghosts in his photos. A ghost does appear in the Lovell family portrait, but it's not who they were expecting.

The story goes on to find Jennie engaged to Quinn - amazing how quickly she got over his dead brother, her former fiance Will - but again, something is not right. As Jennie vows to figure out why Will's ghost won't leave her alone, she discovers nasty secrets about Quinn and there's even an attempted murder. That last part was a huge shock to me; I'll won't spoil it though, I'll let you read for yourself and see what happens!

The novel has a really cool website that accompanies it where the authors allow you to post ghost stories on their blog: This would be fun to do at Halloween!!

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