Thursday, January 24, 2013

Strings Attached, Judy Blundell

I've been reading many boy books lately, and I needed to venture back into the land of the girls. So, I picked up Strings Attached , a book I purchased a while ago from the book fair.

It's about a girl named Kit Corrigan, who's a triplet - one of the "Corrigan Three" - living in Rhode Island in the 1950s. Kit likes to sing and dance, and moves to New York City to become a dancer. While she's there, she becomes entangled with a ruthless mobster, Nate Benedict. At first she doesn't realize he's in the mob; she just knows him as the father of her boyfriend from home. Nate gets her a job, helps her find an apartment, and even buys her nice clothes. But soon enough, she realizes that he's using her - he's asking her to spy on people for him and do other small favors. By the time she realizes, though, it's too late to escape his grasp. He knows too much about her and she knows too much about his business. She has to keep going.

To make things more complicated, her boyfriend (Nate's son, Billy) soon comes to New York. He gets the wrong impression about what's going on between Kit and his father, and doesn't know which of them he can believe.

Kit's world is turned upside down when her role as a mob informer is published in a newspaper, and she has to figure out how to pull herself out of the web she seems to be entangled in.
There is some mature content in this book, but it was definitely a good read - especially for those who like to read about history and crime!

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