Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Madness Underneath, by Maureen Johnson

Well, I think I found a new favorite author!! I loved The Name of the Star (the first book in this series), and this one was amazing as well.

In the first book, Rory Devaux learns that she can see ghosts. This book picks up where the first left off, with the Jack the Ripper case closed up, and Rory is learning to deal with her new "ability". She's working with a psychiatrist, and they soon decide she's ready to go back to Wexford, the London boarding school where it all went down. She soon reunites with Boo, Callum, and Stephen, her friends with the same ability. Of course, Rory meets up with a crew that is bent on bringing her down - will Rory and her friends be able to overcome the evil?

There were a few lines from the book that I absolutely LOVED, such as this one, in which Rory is describing how her roommate, Jazza, feels about one of their fellow boarders:

"There was an old feud there, one that predated my arrival. Charlotte was the full moon that brought out the werejazza."

I loved this clever comparison and thought the play on words was too cute! Then, there was a quote about normalcy that just seemed so real to me:
"Let me say this...There is no normal. I've never met a normal person. The concept is flawed. It implies that there is only one way people are supposed to be, and that can't possibly be true. Human experience is far too varied."
And then finally, this quote, while Rory is talking about the annoyance of dealing with anticipation:
"...waiting for the punishment was much worse than the actual punishment. The tick tick tick is much worse than the boom."

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